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Started in 2010, Focus originated as a payroll company serving business owners within the Central Oregon market.  Realizing a greater need for business support services, Focus grew rapidly to become a company that offered more back office support services to an ever-expanding circle of clientele.  The common concern among our clients, and business owners in general, is the overwhelming compliance demands placed upon them by varying governing entities.  Demands that often erode valuable resources, and divert attention away from pursuing their desired business results.

People start a business because they have a passion for art, entertainment, hospitality, or any of a hundred other interests.  They soon learn that passion takes a back seat to a dozen unforeseen administrative tasks, tasks that can become so overwhelming it obscures the vision that originally drove the desire to pursue their dreams.  Our passion at Focus, our desire, is to help business owners navigate the administration, to help business owners see an alternative so they are again free to pursue their own passion.


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Selecting the right team is an important choice.  So, we offer free consultations to allow you to personally meet the people working to improve your business.  We explore your concerns and discuss challenges, so we are best able to design solutions for you, should you decide to add us to your team.

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Brooks Markell

As a University of Oregon graduate, with 25 years’ experience in accounting, Brooks is especially adept at financially analyzing a company.  Combined with his tenure as a business owner, and his passion for helping people succeed, our clients have come to rely on Brooks as an invaluable advisor.


Mike Petersen

With more than 35 years’ experience as a business owner, and 20 years of business education experience, Mike is especially skilled at creating systems and processes to improve business efficiencies.  Mike joined Focus in 2012, immediately implementing initiatives and practices resulting in significant growth that continues to benefit and grow our company.  Our clients look to Mike as a valuable resource for systems and process ideas to assist their own companies, staff and clientele.


Jennifer Zekmeister

Jennifer joined Focus in 2015.  With an extensive background in the medical profession, Jen brings a wealth of knowledge to Focus as our payroll and accounts payable technician.  Our clients, appreciative of her gracious communication skills, depend on her thoughtful attention to detail knowing that their finances are handled competently.

Kimberly Brna

Along with a degree in accounting, Kimberly has extensive experience in both accounting and banking.  At Focus she manages bookkeeping and accounts receivable for clients.  Kimberly’s thorough attention to detail, coupled with her speed and accuracy delivering invoices, helps clients significantly improve their accounts receivable 

Jennifer Hotvedt

With a background in banking, and tax preparation, Jennifer learned the importance of attention to detail. She now uses those skills to serve our clients as the records clerk here at Focus.

Sybil Love

From the technical support department at the largest hospital in Central Oregon, Sybil will now be a critical member of our data entry team here at Focus; responsible for the detailed entry and management of client data into our accounting systems.

Linda Larson

A former business owner, with more than 20 years experience, we are proud to have Linda join us here at Focus. Linda will assist with various functionalities throughout our organization.


Industries Served...

At Focus, we serve the business needs of a wide range of client and industry groups; each with their own set of specific traits, and various requisite standards.  Our staff is continually educated and trained to adapt to each group, and to each specific client.

The industries we serve include; E-Commerce Companies; Agriculture, Farming and Ranching Clients; Automotive Repair Organizations and Auto Dealerships; Business and Legal Services Companies; retail organization like Styling Salons and Clothing Companies.  We also serve the Entertainment Industry; Construction and Real Estate Groups; Computer Software Companies; and Engineering and Design Organizations; as well as Environmental Consulting; Medical and Healthcare Groups; and Financial Service Businesses; and finally, Brewers; Manufacturing; Non-Profits; and Transportation Companies.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to help your business grow.