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Based in Bend, Oregon, Focus Financial Service helps business owners and managers navigate many of the complex regulations associated with running a business.  From basic bookkeeping to CFO services, Focus is dedicated to helping business owners utilize their resources more efficiently and productively.  We are committed to helping you establish and achieve well defined goals, and we work to introduce to you alternative thoughts and strategies designed to maximize resources to meet your business desires.

Our firm specializes in accounting and back office support.  Hiring, training or replacing back office support staff is both time consuming and drains critical business resources.  Partnering with our team relieves you of those challenges and allows resources to be redirected to further business pursuits.

Focus' team of professionals, are recruited and trained for the express purpose of helping you, our client, succeed.

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20354 Empire Avenue, Suite D3
Bend, Oregon   97701

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Areas of Practice..

data entry.. just the start to the accounting process.  We can help you categorize, classify and job-cost your entries so you can financially direct your company.                                                



...whether you need to review a bank statement, or prove to the Department of Revenue that you properly filed the correct forms, keeping adequate and accurate records are critical.  Focus can help relieve the burden of communication with governing entities so you can focus on running your company.


...helps arrange your finances in a way that can help minimize your tax burden.  Our team of professionals understand how to properly construct a chart of accounts, accurately post entries, then reconcile, so a well-documented and organized accounting file can be delivered to the CPA to design a more favorable tax return.

accounting.. does your company benefit from tax regulation?  What is the time value of each of your employees?  Is your accounting properly designed so you understand the efficiency of your resources?  We can help you answer these and many other questions about your business.

payroll.. one of the most critically scrutinized aspects of business, because your company is handling money that belongs to someone else.  Mistakes in payroll processing can be very costly.  We work with you to establish systems to assure that payroll is managed well.                                                                      


...whether you need to simply 'run something by' someone, or you need to understand when to seek capital funding for a project or piece of equipment, we work with you so you feel confident about the answer and assured about affordability.



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For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead the firm into uncharted fields of practice.

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